Title concept art by Laura Moldenhauer-Noethling
As creative director and inventor of the story of Echoes of Eternity VR, I was focusing on VR Environmental Storytelling and Spatial Audio Design regarding VR - Production less on interaction. 
Echoes of Eternity VR is a Virtual reality team project of 4 students for 8 weeks, designed to offer an immersive interactive experience set in perilous Himalayan heights. 
In Echoes of Eternity VR, environmental storytelling is more crucial than interactive gameplay, weaving narrative threads throughout the game world. 
My goal was to create with a team an environment that captivates visually through interactive triggers and tells stories through design, details, and sound. The Himalayan setting provides a rich backdrop, combining elements of mystery, sci-fi, and ancient Tibetan mysticism to enhance the unfolding narrative inspired by the movie "The Creator" an American science fiction action film directed and co-produced by Gareth Edwards.
This VR video preview delves into the integration of environmental storytelling and Spatial Audio Design within Echoes of Eternity VR.
I led my team through technical challenges as creative and technical director and the creative process within the VR and game development areas. I took responsibility for integrating all elements in Unreal Engine, setting up lighting, effects, and the overall environment. I arranged assets and managed the integration of animations, trigger sequences, and sound. Additionally, I oversaw the atmospheric appearance and world settings, including LODs and VR performance. 
The story of Echoes of Eternity is set in the treacherous heights of the Himalayas in 2085, where a cyborg monk climbs a cliff during a heavy snowstorm. As he reaches the higher ground, he stands before a mysterious portal. Above the clouds, a gigantic spaceship hovers, heightening the dramatic tension. The monk activates a cube, unleashing a powerful beam of light that pierces the sky, ultimately leading to a cataclysmic event on Earth. This script combines elements of mystery, sci-fi, and ancient Tibetan mysticism
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