I'm Laura, originally from Berlin, Germany, and a bachelor student of 3D Animation at Yoobee College for Creative Innovation in Christchurch, New Zealand.
My animation journey wasn't a straight path. Initially trained as a set painter, I  focused on my other passion, computer science. This led me to graduate with a B.Sc. in environmental informatics - engineering.  

I love the creative world,  and used my passion as an artist in my engineering career, whether creating Geo information maps or visualizing data as a Manager.
Despite years of experience as an IT project manager for the German government, I knew deep down that being an engineer was not what my heart desired. 
Apart from my primary occupation, since 2012, I ventured into freelance work within media content development. I had the opportunity to collaborate with the German national television channels  ZDF/ARD/KIKA for the JESC - Junior Eurovision Song Contest and The Voice Kids Germany 2023, as the Creative Director for the young talented Fia from Germany.
I never gave up on my dream. In 2022,  I  turned my life upside down and relocated from Germany to New Zealand, to pursue my dreams. In February 2023, I began my adventure into animation by enrolling in the Animation studies.
Before 2023, I had never used 3D software to be creative. It feels amazing to be able to pursue my passion, and as a tech savvy, I enjoy combining technology and creativity to create stunning 3D content.
My journey has just begun, and I'm excited to see where it will lead me. 💪🦖

The best decision of my life! 
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